Actors Han So-hee and Ryu Jun-yeol have announced their breakup just two weeks after going public with their relationship. Han So-hee has since attracted attention by leaving a poignant comment on her blog.

Actors Han So-hee (left) and Ryu Jun-yeol
Actors Han So-hee (left) and Ryu Jun-yeol

After the news of their split, Han So-hee shared a well-known image of actress Nicole Kidman known as the “liberation meme” on her blog. This photo was taken after Kidman’s divorce from Tom Cruise. Before this, Han So-hee had revealed her relationship with Ryu Jun-yeol on her blog, but later deleted all her posts. Now, she has reopened her blog after acknowledging the breakup.

Picture posted on Han So-hee’s blog on the 30th

A fan of Han So-hee commented, “Well done, So-hee. I feel relieved, you ended it well.” This fan further added, “Meeting an evasive person with a shut-up attitude leaves you with a burnt heart,” and “I hope you recover well from the hurt you’ve experienced.”

In response, Han So-hee commented, “Right. The party involved is silent, and I’m trying in any way, but time will make it forgotten.” She continued, “But what can I do? My fans are also precious, so I can’t consistently stay silent.”

Ryu Jun-yeol did not make any statement when there were rumors of ‘transfer dating’, that he had met Han So-hee before breaking up with his long-time girlfriend Hyeri. At that time, Han So-hee clarified on her Instagram, “There’s no ‘transfer dating’ in my life.” Now, suspicions have been raised that Han So-hee’s comment might be targeting Ryu Jun-yeol, who did not actively respond.

Picture posted on Han So-hee's blog on the 30th
Picture posted on Han So-hee’s blog on the 30th

On this matter, Han So-hee’s agency expressed to the media, “We feel heavy-hearted as if we have hurt (Ryu Jun-yeol) by leaving a comment after the breakup.” A representative from Han So-hee’s agency said, “Han So-hee feels sorry for Ryu Jun-yeol,” and “She didn’t imagine her actions would have such a big repercussion, and she intends to refrain from acting impulsively in the future.”

Han So-hee’s agency, 9ato Entertainment, also apologized officially, saying, “Our way of communicating was not right.” The agency stated on the 30th, “Han So-hee has broken up with actor Ryu Jun-yeol. They both realized that their roles as actors are bigger,” and “They promised not to waste emotions on personal matters anymore.” They continued, “Han So-hee has been causing trouble for herself and the public due to personal emotions,” and “We’re sorry. We will accept any criticism.”

The agency stated, “Above all, the company takes great responsibility for not taking good care of the actor,” and “We are reflecting.” They added, “We are late, but we will correct it from now on,” and “We will return with a healthier image.”

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