EXO’s Xiumin surprised fans by giving out a lucky lotto number during a fan meeting that ended up being a 4th place winner. The news has quickly spread across social media and online communities.

On the 23rd, Xiumin held a solo fan meeting to celebrate his birthday at the YES24 Live Hall in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul. During the event, Xiumin answered questions from fans written on post-it notes. One fan requested a lotto number, to which Xiumin humorously replied, “Are there six numbers up to 45?”. He then called out the numbers, “4, 11, 13, 18, 20, 32”. Xiumin jested, “Keep this a secret because if someone wins with the numbers I gave, I might get arrested”. He also brought laughter to the crowd by saying, “I don’t even remember what numbers I just said”.

엑소 시우민. /뉴스1
Xiumin /Instagram

The winning lotto numbers for the 1113th draw, released on the 30th, were 11, 13, 20, 21, 32, 44, with a bonus number of 8. Four of the numbers Xiumin called out matched the winning numbers. This corresponds to a 4th place win, with a prize of 50,000 KRW. If a fan had bought five lotto tickets with the same numbers, they could have won 250,000 KRW.

Fans reacted to the win with comments such as, “Does my idol feed me? No, he gives me winning lotto numbers” and “He returned the value of the fan meeting”. A fan also posted a picture of their winning ticket on social media on the 30th.

시우민 팬이 30일 소셜미디어에 올린 4등 당첨 인증 사진. /@welovexiuxiu
“Photo of 4th place lotto ticket, posted by a Xiumin fan on social media on the 30th. /@welovexiuxiu”

The lotto result announcement was delayed by about 90 minutes. Usually, the winning numbers are released around 8:40 PM, and the number of winners and the prize amounts are published on the online homepage within about 10 minutes. A representative from the lottery explained, “There was an error on the homepage where we publish the tally results”.

The jackpot prize for the 1113th draw, won by 14 individuals who matched all six numbers, was 1.987 billion KRW each. There were 57 second-place winners who matched five numbers and the bonus number, each receiving 81.35 million KRW. The third-place prize, awarded to 2,936 individuals who matched five numbers, was 1.58 million KRW. The fourth-place prize, won by 146,997 individuals who matched four numbers, was 50,000 KRW. Finally, the fifth-place prize, won by 2,444,535 individuals who matched three numbers, was 5,000 KRW.