Talk about a rude awakening! Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s Supreme Leader, made an absolutely jaw-dropping appearance on a Japanese morning variety show, leaving viewers and netizens in a state of utter disbelief.

A broadcasting mishap that occurred on TBS’s ‘Love It!’ /Twitter

The morning of the unexpected incident began as any other on TBS’s ‘Love It!’. But instead of the anticipated footage of a relaxing spa resort, viewers were treated to an 8-second spectacle of Chairman Kim and a full-blown North Korean military parade!

For some perspective, imagine flipping on your morning show in Seoul only to be greeted by scenes from Pyongyang. The shock was palpable! In a desperate scramble to correct the error, the screen was hastily switched, but not before causing a cyber whirlwind among the online community.

Caught in the crossfire of this broadcasting blunder was the show’s host, Tamura Mako, who was left with the task of smoothening ruffled feathers. In an earnest attempt at damage control, she apologized, explaining that the video was intended for emergency situations and had been played by mistake.

Japanese netizens were quick to voice their alarm, with reactions ranging from “It’s too scary” to “I was startled”, and questions like “Why is a North Korean video being aired in Japan?”

‘Love It!’, a morning show known for its fun mix of comedians, idol singers, and diverse content, found itself in the eye of a storm on the very day it was celebrating its third anniversary. Talk about a birthday surprise!