Under the watchful eyes of North Korea’s big boss, Kim Jong Un, a training exercise turned deadly for a crew of airborne troops. The reason? They were forced to train in shocking winds, leading to a catastrophic accident.

낙하하는 북한 항공육전병부대. 평양 조선중앙통신
North Korea Parachute/KCTV

Sources from inside North Korea spilled the beans to KBS News, revealing that the horrifying accident took place during a parachute drill. Kim Jong Un was reportedly present at the time, pushing the troops to carry on despite the dangerous winds.

The gory details are enough to make your stomach churn. Despite the raging winds, the exercise was forced to go ahead because of Kim’s scheduled visit. The wind was so strong, it left several parachutes unopened and tangled with each other. The result was a horrifying scene of soldiers, including some barely out of their teens, plummeting to the ground or suffering shocking injuries.

North Korea Parachute/KCTV
North Korea Parachute/KCTV

Normally, any old Joe could tell you not to train in such rough weather. But with Kim’s wife also scheduled to attend, the military bosses felt they had no choice but to carry on, despite knowing the risks.

김정은 북한 국무위원장이 지난달 15일 항공육전병부대(공수부대)들의 훈련을 지도했다고 조선중앙TV가 지난달 16일 보도했다. 조선중앙TV 화면.
Kim Jong Un / KCTV

Just over a week after the disaster, Kim Jong Un was spotted visiting the 105th Tank Division of Ryu Kyung Soo. Word on the street is that this was a desperate attempt to calm the troops. But, interestingly, Kim spent more time checking out dormitories and dining halls than watching the military training. Perhaps he’d had enough of parachutes for a while…