BLACKPINK’s Lisa has essentially confirmed her romantic relationship in public. Lisa attended an event for a luxury watch brand in Miami, Florida on the 3rd (local time). The brand is led by CEO Frederic Arnault, who has been at the center of dating rumors with Lisa.

Black Pink / Instagram

At the event, Lisa was seen standing next to Frederic Arnault, exchanging greetings with guests and striking poses. Their natural demeanor on the official stage led many to infer that they are indeed a couple.

Earlier on the 1st, Lisa posted a photo of herself walking through the Rodin Museum on her social media account. According to online eyewitness accounts and videos, Lisa was enjoying a date with Arnault at the Rodin Museum at the time.

Lisa and Frederic Arnault have been wrapped up in dating rumors since early last year. Frederic Arnault is a global tycoon and the fourth son of Bernard Arnault, the head of the luxury brand group Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH).

The two have never officially acknowledged their relationship, but they have been captured dating publicly in various places overseas. Their appearance together on the official stage at the event essentially put a stamp on their relationship status.