Renjun (24), a member of the K-pop group ‘NCT DREAM,’ has ignited a controversy by publicly sharing the malicious messages he received from a sasaeng (obsessive) fan. He recently shared a screenshot of his conversation with the fan on the paid fan communication platform, Bubble.

for recklessly expressing his emotions on a platform where fans pay a monthly fee to communicate with the artists.

In the end, Renjun deleted the controversial post, apologizing, “I’m sorry. This place is for sharing good stories with NCTzens (fandom name). I was thoughtless.”

NCT Renjun/X

In the shared messages, the sasaeng fan criticized, “Idols have it too easy these days. They make money, have good looks, date freely, live comfortably, and lack the passion of the previous generation. They’re too relaxed. Get rid of your phone again.”

In response, Renjun retorted, “Instead of hiding like a rat and typing, if you have something to say, say it to my face with a lawyer present.” He then proceeded to send the contact information of his legal representative.

Renjun expressed his frustrations by stating, “Idols are humans too. They feel the strain. Are you judging without experiencing this relentless schedule?” He continued, “Of course what you see has to be pretty and beautiful. That’s how we all gain energy. If you work hard towards your dream, money will follow. Is there a job in the world that doesn’t earn money?”

He further advised, “Let’s live our lives properly. Don’t bother irrelevant people, don’t waste time. If you have time, learn to calm your mind. Don’t vent your anger on irrelevant people.”

The fans’ reactions to Renjun’s sudden outburst have been mixed. Some pointed out the behavior of the sasaeng fan who discovered and harshly criticized Renjun’s personal messages. They empathized with Renjun’s exhaustion from the hate comments. Yet, others criticized him