Chaeyoung (24) from the K-pop sensation TWICE and renowned singer Zion.T (34) have gone public with their romantic relationship. On the 5th, Chaeyoung’s management, JYP Entertainment, and Zion.T’s label, The Black Label, made official statements saying, “The two entertainers are fond of each other and are currently dating. They are mutually supportive in their relationship.”

Chaeyoung and Zion. T / X

Earlier that day, a media outlet had reported that Chaeyoung and Zion.T have been romantically involved for the past six months. The report detailed how the couple has been spotted on public dates and that they were initially introduced by mutual acquaintances before developing their relationship.

Chaeyoung made her debut as part of the internationally renowned K-pop group TWICE in 2015. TWICE has given us hits like ‘Like OOH-AHH’, ‘Cheer Up’, ‘TT’, and ‘What is Love’. The group is currently performing in a world tour covering 27 cities worldwide, with their next performance scheduled in Osaka, Japan, on July 13-14.

Zion.T broke into the music scene with his single ‘Click Me’ in 2011 and has since produced numerous hits like ‘Yanghwa BRDG’, ‘Eat’, ‘Song’, ‘No Make Up’, and ‘UNLOVE’.